I am second

You know what is frustrating?  The fact that I have the fullness of joy in Christ yet I continually seek other things for that joy, realizing in the end they don't even compare.  I wish I could fully grasp this truth, that nothing else compares to knowing Christ.  Unfortunately, it's something I need to remind myself daily.

Pete Briscoe, in the video below, shares how he thought being the star at his high school basketball game would bring him this unknown happiness that he had yet to experience.

I couldn't help but think about myself in high school and how I had similar dreams of wanting to be popular and cool.  I was a people pleaser to the core, desiring for everybody to like me.  Well, I got a "glimpse" of this so called "popular life" when I was nominated and won prom queen my senior year.

And you how much that experience impacted my life?  Not.... at.... all.  I still had the same friends.  My relationship with Dan didn't change.  I wasn't all of the sudden the coolest person in the school.  And I didn't feel any differently, even though I thought I would.  They basically took my picture and put it in the yearbook. Woo hoo.  Big deal.  Most of you (if you knew me in high school) probably don't even remember.  That's how much cooler it made me.

But, what really disappoints me is I have the same tendency today to think like that insecure teenager.  Believing the lie that I will find some "unknown" joy in something else other than my relationship with Christ.

Pete Briscoe, apart of the "I am second" video series below, shares a similar experience.  (If you're interested in other videos like this, Tony Dungy, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy, Bethany Hamilton, and Ashley Rawls- a beauty pageant winner, have some other good ones)

It's definitely worth a watch :)


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