4 month update with Ben

This has been such a fun month with Ben!  He experienced his first Fourth of July and got his certificate of citizenship the weekend before which was really fun to get :)  I sometimes forget what an absolute privilege it is to live in this country and that was such a sweet reminder for me.  He enjoyed the fire works (for the first five minutes lol) but enjoyed even more the glow sticks and bubbles that we played with beforehand.  He continues to love water and if he had his choice every day we would be outside in a sprinkler, at the pool, or playing with our water table.  I hope Fall and Winter which is quickly approaching isn't too much of a shocker for him 😁  He also got to experience this first confetti filled package from Grandpa and to our expectation, threw the confetti everywhere- which is why we had the kids open the package outside instead of inside :)  He brings so much joy to our lives and it has been so fun to watch him grow these past four months.  He is picking up on language so so fast and although the sharing and taking turns isn't coming as quickly as I sometimes would like it to, I have to remember how much he has grown in such a short amount of time!


3 Months with Ben :)

Oh man you guys where does the time go!? I know I'm way closer to the 4 month mark with Ben than the 3 month mark at this point (June 20th was three months 😁) but I still wanted to share my favorite pictures and some updates with him!   Everyone we talk to is always so amazed at how well he is doing and how happy he is - and we couldn't agree more!  Although he has his moments (he's a two year old after all 😏) he generally is a very happy and easy going kid!  He transitions well when we need to leave anywhere, has started to go to the church nursery - but first with me as the teacher since I serve there in the summer, loves to see our friend Grant and often asks when we get in the car if we're going to see Grant by saying "Grant? Grant?" 😂 

He also has developed a deep love of fruit snacks but still loves his noodles for meals, and recently has been getting into Elmo and Daniel Tiger :)  And he also loves anything that involves water!  The sprinkler, water table, pool, lake, splash pad- you name it he LOVES it.  It's so fun to watch him explore new things and splash around in the water :)  I think Summer is going to be his favorite season for sure.  We thought he was going to have surgery on his lymph nodes in June but thankfully they started to decrease in size so we didn't have to do that.  Other than the enterovirus that he had a month or so after we got home he has been very healthy and we are so so thankful for that.   He even took his first trip this month down to Indiana to go to his cousin's birthday party!  We love this little guy so much and can't say enough what a joy he is!

Second haircut :)

Cole and Ben love watching our neighbors play basketball lol